DEVONthink To Go supports iOS 11 productivity features

DEVONthink To Go Drag-and-Drop

Our update to DEVONthink To Go 2.3 is dedicated to iOS 11 and its enhancements. With drag-and-drop you effortlessly organize your documents inside DEVONthink To Go and or transfer them back and forth between apps. The new Files app lets you access all your documents from a central place that integrates also other file providers such a iCloud Drive or Dropbox.

Keep your most used groups always at hands with the new Favorites smart group. Items marked as favorites in the Files app appear here as well of course. Finally, Siri has learned how to create new notes in DEVONthink To Go, too. And this is, by far, not all that’s new in version 2.3. Read the full news here.

We recommend this free update to all users. Update your copy through the App Store app or receive the update automatically, depending on your App Store settings.

11 Responses to “DEVONthink To Go supports iOS 11 productivity features”

  1. Gabriella says:

    When I opened DEVONThink To Go after the update, I got a black screen with “updating database” and a spinning wheel. After a while the message that my databases were damaged beyond repair and that I had to resync everything with my Mac DEVONThink. First time this happened to me. I hope that’s not an issue with this update.

  2. darwin says:

    Here “updating database” as well, but working fine after that. At first it didn`t sync, but since restarting the ipad, it works nicely.

  3. Steffi says:

    Here the same but without Spinning wheel – only black screen on IPhone.

  4. Cassady says:

    Same – updated, and immediately opened Files, only to be met with blank screen. Occurred to me that I hadn’t even opened DTTG yet, which I then did.

    Was greeted with the “What’s New” message, a quick update of the DB. Somewhere between all of this, I figured I would restart the iPad, just to clear things out. Not sure if that did the trick, or my having opened DTTG for the 1st time, but thereafer Files worked as expected, and found everything intact!

    Looking good – this is going to be very useful going forward!

  5. @ Gabriella: We’re sorry for that. The datastore migration is fully conducted by iOS itself. If you haven’t reinstalled the software could you please connect your device to your Mac, access it with iTunes, switch to the File Sharing area, and send us the Console.log file? Please send us email to support(at) to continue this support case.

  6. Ronald says:

    Same for me, a spinning wheel both on iPad and iPhone and I couldn’t download files from Dropbox. I saw in the Dropbox sync folder (DEVONthink Packet Sync) that there where copies of databases with adapted names. I deleted all database files in this folder and sync it again with Devonthink Pro Office. I re-installed Devonthink 2 Go as well on the iPad and iPhone, make again connections with de databases in Dropbox and after doing so everything worked fine.

  7. Dariush says:

    On iPad Pro with iOS 11 Files app: when I open DevonThink To Go “Location” the main pane starts showing the Inbox folder (I have 800+ files in it). Once I press on the Inbox folder and it opens, files from my database start showing in a list but after few seconds they all disappear and the following message is shown:

    Content Unavailable:
    The folder contents could not be displayed because of an unknown error.
    ‘Try Again’ is shown below the message in blue, so it can be pressed to try again … when you do, same thing happens: files start showing up and then they disappear and the Content Unavailable message comes up.

    Basically, I cannot use the Files App with DevonThink To Go at all.

  8. @ Dariush: Files is very restrictive in regard to memory usage of its plugins. We are working on reducing our memory usage futher in the next releases.

  9. J. Scott says:

    Favorites do not sync between iOS 11 DTTG on iPhone and iPad.
    Favorites do not sync back to Devonthink Pro Office on MacOs High Sierra.
    Favorites do not sync from Apple File to Devonthink in either direction.

    What did you do to change favorites. It does not seem to fit what I interpreted from your release notes. Please expound.

  10. @ J. Scott: You’re correct: Favorites are local and are not synchronized between iOS devices and/or Macs (yet). Favorites set in the show in DEVONthink To Go but not the other way round (Apple doesn’t allow setting favorites from the outside). You can mark any group a favorite or unmark it by swiping left and choosing More or by switching to edit mode and using the Organize menu, just as documented.

  11. Wang YingHui says:

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