Tuesday Tip: Highlight with purpose

Highlight ColorHighlighting is a great way to isolate information in a body of text. However, sometimes you want to segregate that data even further by using different highlight colors. In DEVONthink‘s Format > Highlight Color menu you”ll find seven available colors to choose. But maybe a few of those colors don’t suit your taste, or you have a specific color scheme you use elsewhere.

In Preferences > Colors > Highlighting you can change the color to fit your needs. You can even change the color’s name. For example, you may want to highlight arguments in the text in green and conclusions in yellow. Or maybe you just want to give it a name that fits your personality, like Cherry Red instead of Red.

Note: These colors are global to the application. You cannot set highlight (or label) colors on a per document or database level.

7 Responses to “Tuesday Tip: Highlight with purpose”

  1. andreas says:

    Cool, Jim. Thank you!

    But again: It seems necessary to me being able to search for those highlights. Devonthink for me not alone about highlighting an then filing away but most importantly about retrieving information – mostly through smart folders … that should be able to look for highlights as well.

    How does one do that?

  2. Cassady says:

    This feature is one of my most appreciated, given how I highlighted. Granted, my PDFs are frequently lit up like a Christmas tree – but given their consistent use, I can make sense far more quickly of my research, when I go back to review them after the fact.

    That said, it would be fantastic if this ‘categorisation’ was rolled out to DTTG2! Whereas you can set frequently used colours, not all are allowed. It would be very useful if DTTG2 could copy over the entire set – i.e have ALL the colours AND names available as the ‘default’ set in the iOS annotation tool!

  3. Jim Neumann says:

    Searching for the highlights is not possible. It’s a visual cue, not adding metadata to the file. Maybe this would be possible in future releases.

  4. Jim Neumann says:

    If you haven’t, bring this up on our Forums for more explanations and for others to weigh in on it. Thanks!

  5. Jim Neumann says:

    Your forum post doesn’t mention fileTypes, but I assume you were referring to PDFs. This blog is about web content and highlighting web content is not currently possible in DEVONthink To Go.

  6. James says:

    I would second the need for highlighting to be indexed for searching algorithms to aggregate data.