Configure ScanSnap Home to Scan to DEVONthink

ScanSnap Home is Fujitsu’s new scan application for its desktop ScanSnap line. Unfortunately our self-configuration that allows DEVONthink Pro Office to insert itself as default destination app for completed scans into the now-legacy ScanSnap Manager no longer works with ScanSnap Home. But with the following steps you can manually configure the new scan application for DEVONthink Pro Office:

1. Open the ScanSnap Home preferences  (ScanSnap Home > Preferences) and select the Application tab.

2. Press the “Add or Remove” button to show the Application available applications list. Press the Add button to add DEVONthink to this list. Use the Browse button to select DEVONthink from the  /Applications folder, and enter an appropriate name in the Display Name. Press OK.

3. You should now have a DEVONthink entry in the Application list. Close the preferences window and open the Scan Settings (ScanSnap Home > Scan Settings).

4. Press the add profile button. In this window there is a list of option on the left hand side, go to the bottom and under the “Application” group select the DEVONthink application that we added in the Preferences.

Note: In the current version of ScanSnap Home there appears to be a bug where the application name in the list is blank. Select the blank application and it should show DEVONthink in the Send To: option. If not select DEVONthink from the drop down list. 

5. Give the new profile a name and press the Add button. The profile should now have been added to the ScanSnap Settings window as below. Select the DEVONthink Profile and scans should now be sent to DEVONthink.

10 Responses to “Configure ScanSnap Home to Scan to DEVONthink”

  1. Gary says:

    I couldn’t see the ‘Application’ group on the left column at all – nothing below Cloud Services.
    I just used the first ‘auto scan’ template, renamed it and added Devonthink to the ‘send to’ section. That seems to work.

  2. Grant says:

    Same here. DEVONthink Pro Office is added but does not show up in Applications below Cloud Services. Nothing shows below Cloud Services.

    I quit all applications and restarted the computer but received the same results. I have not attempted the workaround Gary mentioned.

  3. RaV says:

    If you want scanned documents to be automatically imported into DEVONthink then chose “~/⁨Library/⁨Application Support⁩/DEVONthink Pro 2/Inbox⁩” (Inbox in Favourites of as “Save To” folder.

  4. Jim Neumann says:

    @RaV: This is not recommended behavior. The default option or the User Pictures folder is advocated.

  5. MB says:

    As DT was not showing up on the left menu I was wondering if an updated version of ScanSnap Home changed that behavior.
    To send a scan to DT you need to Choose a scan option left and as Gary said and then you need to choose DT on the right side, bottom “Send to..”.
    ScanSnap Home 1.0.12 (69)

  6. Alan Edwards says:

    @MB: The configuration detailed in the blog was originally set up in an earlier version of ScanSnap Home, and still works in that way for me in the latest version. However if you are starting from a fresh install it is possible that the setup behaviour may be slightly different to the one I described. Using the workaround Gary described should also work too.

  7. Nicolas says:

    Mmmm… if it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it! My current Scansnap works – docs are scanned, sent to DT which OCR them and that’s all good…

    Don’t understand what’s different with ScanSnap Home and my ScanSnap Manager 6.3 L70…

    … and no-one mentioned the automatic OCR conversion, will it work?

  8. Edward Peters says:

    I’d appreciate an answer to Nicolas’s questions too….

  9. Jim Neumann says:

    You’d have to look at Fujitsu’s site regarding the differences between Manager and Home.
    And yes, the OCR in Pro Office will be performed if the option in its Preferences > OCR is enabled.

  10. Alan Edwards says:

    If you do not see the Application section when creating a profile:
    1) Select one of the pre-defined profiles on the left hand side such as “Auto Scan”. Change the profile name to “DEVONthink Profile”.
    2) Change the Document detection to “All sheets will be scanned as documents”.
    3) Change the save to destination to a folder such as ~/Pictures.
    4) In the “Send to Option” you should see the DEVONthink entry that you set up in the Preferences section.
    5) Press the Add button and ensure that this profile is selected.