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DEVONthink 2.9.13 with better decluttering and Markdown support

Clip to DEVONthink clutter-free

Today, in the heat of the summer, we’ve released another round of updates for DEVONthink and DEVONnote. For version 2.9.13 we’ve updated our decluttering service for clipping articles from the web. In addition we’ve rearranged a few menu commands for clarity and improved importing bookmarks from Google Chrome. If you work in science or education you might like that you can now copy references also from Bookends purchased in the Mac App Store. Version 2.9.13 allows you to reference scripts from Markdown...

Index iCloud Drive with DEVONthink Pro (Office)

iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive is Apple’s reincarnation of the iDisk. Install the Index iCloud Drive script to add all user-created folders in iCloud Drive to your inbox. User-created means all folders that are not application-specific such as the Numbers of Pages folders. Install the script from within DEVONthink Pro or Pro Office using Scripts > More Scripts. Alternatively click here to open the Support Assistant and follow the link to Install Extras. The script will become available via the Scripts > Index submenu.

Tuesday tip: Import from Instapaper

Instapaper Logo

Getting your articles from Instapaper to DEVONthink automatically isn’t straightforward, unfortunately. Power user Annard Brouwer has written a great little script that takes a CSV file exported from Instapaper, converts it using Numbers, and imports the cleaned up result to DEVONthink Pro or Pro Office. Click here and switch to Install Extras in the Support Assistant or choose Scripts > More Scripts inside the app to install the script. You’ll then find it in Scripts > Import. Annard also provides the script as gist on GitHub.

Save tabs to DEVONthink with these scripts

AppleScript script icon

DEVONthink power user Veritrope has created two new scripts that creates a list of all the pages currently open in tabs in Safari or Chrome. So with a single click you have saved all your tabs in a single HTML document in DEVONthink Pro (Office) and you can re-visit the pages later at any time. Download the Safari script and the Chrome script from his homepage. Veritrope has many more scripts and tips for dealing with browser tabs.  

Pinboard script updated

If you are using the Pinboard script available through the Support Assistant for DEVONthink Pro (Office): We have fixed a bug and and updated script is now ready for downloading. To get the new version please simply open the Support Assistant, remove the old script, and re-install it.

Updated scripts for DEVONthink Pro (Office)

Just a quick note that we have updated the scripts Rename using RegEx and Export Metadata as CSV, which are available as manual downloads through the built-in Support Assistant. To install these scripts choose Scripts > More Scripts, search the script in the list, and click Install. If you have the script already installed, remove it first, then re-install it to get the new version.

Tuesday tip: Even better mail rule script

If you like our mail rule scripts for emailing yourself documents and adding them to your DEVONthink inbox or databases, you will like this new script even more. Add it to a rule in Apple Mail and give the rule a distinct name. The messages will get files into a group of the rule’s name in DEVONthink’s global inbox and all attachments in a group with the message’s name. Automatically file messages & attachments.scpt What is this useful for? Create...

Ruby instead of AppleScript?

All our apps are highly scriptable using AppleScript, OS X’s native scripting architecture for Cocoa applications. But if you’re more into Python and Ruby, you can use that, too. MacRuby, Matt Neuburg’s work, and thread in our user forum with example scripts on how to use Ruby to control DEVONthink Pro (Office) give you a hand up.

Updated OmniFocus reminder script

If you have purchased OmniFocus on the Mac App Store and wonder why the Reminder > Add as To Do to OmniFocus script doesn’t work, here’s an updated script for you. Add as To Do to OmniFocus.scptd Explanation: AppleScript scripts call apps usually by their “bundle ID”, an internal identifier unique to every app. Unfortunately the OmniGroup chose a new bundle ID for OmniFocus on the Mac App Store which breaks the script. The new script calls OmniFocus simply by...

Tuesday tip: Use reminders

Very often documents are connected to actions, e.g. “contact these guys”, “pay this bill”, or “discuss this with the team”. You can create a 43 folder setup in DEVONthink (see the “Getting Things Done” concept) to remind yourself of them or manually add tasks to your preferred calendar or task manager, e.g. iCal, OmniFocus, or Things. But why manually? DEVONthink Pro (Office) comes with scripts for iCal and all major task managers that add references to your task list or...