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Web Tip: Workflows for scholars

Jeff Taekman

In his blog, Workflows in Personal and Professional Productivity, Jeff Taekman lays out his workflow for Reading, Extracting, and Storing Scholarly Information. Of course this also involves DEVONthink: The whole purpose of extracting annotations and full text from each manuscript is to gain granular access to the information I’ve read. Through its “see also” feature, Devonthink can identify information I’m looking for. But more importantly Devonthink finds related content based on the context of my original query. (…) The next...

Our software in blogs and podcasts

Evan Kline

In the last few weeks our software was mentioned in blogs and podcasts a few times. Whether you’re reading German, are a lawyer, or you’re just interested in all things iOS you might find these interesting: Evan Kline is a lawyer and a heavy user of DEVONthink and DEVONthink To Go. He talks about how he uses our software in his law practice on the App in Law podcast. Evan also represented the Galactic Empire in the case against Han...

SummerFest: Great apps, great prices

SummerFest logo

Every summer, we join up with some top software makers for our big festival of artisanal software. It’s the time for new plans, fresh projects, and great new ideas. Whether you’re mapping out your next novel, finishing your dissertation, planning a product, or writing memories for your grandkids, these tools will help. They are tools with attitude and style, tools crafted by creators, not focus groups. Tools like DEVONthink, DEVONagent, Tinderbox, or Scrivener live at the intersection of art and research. Crafted...

AppStories goes serious about DEVONthink

AppStories Logo

In their latest episode of their excellent podcast AppStories Federico Viticci and John Voorhees discuss DEVONthink for Mac and iOS at length. They explain what they use our software for in their daily life, how they structured their databases, and which platform they personally prefer. Federico and John also talk about their clipping workflows and how they automate them using URL commands and Apple’s Workflow app. Click here to listen to AppStories episode 49. Thank you for this great feature, Federico...

Tuesday Tip: Something beautiful

Data, data, data. Words and numbers, graphs, and figures. Necessary in our work and lives, but we all need a break from looking at these things. Though it doesn’t contribute to your efficiency or enhance your workflows, desktop wallpapers provide a nice break for your eyes. Apple has always provided great desktop pictures for us to use, but it can’t hurt to have more. Here is a link to a site with some beautiful hi-resolution images to enhance your desktop:...

Search DEVONthink with HoudahSpot

HoudahSpot Icon

HoudahSpot is a powerful utility to find documents, images, and other files. It uses your Mac’s Spotlight database but gives you many more options that let you narrow down your search to exactly what you’re looking for. As you can make your DEVONthink databases available to Spotlight, you can also use HoudahSpot for searching. Our friends at Houdah Software have just published a short blog post about how do to it: Click here to read their post.

For German readers: VHS-Kurs zu DEVONthink in Paderborn


Am 25. Juni startet an der Volkshochschule Paderborn der erste Kurs zum Thema „Dokumenten- und Wissensmanagement mit DEVONthink — Der eigene Workflow“. Farid Mésbahi zeigt, wie sich DEVONthink als Speicherort für Informationen aller Art effektiv beruflich und privat einsetzen lässt: Eine Verwaltung der eigenen Dokumente mithilfe von Ordnern und das Suchen mit Spotlight, der Suchmaschine von macOS, ist der einfachste Weg mit “Bordmittel”. Die Verwendung von Spotlight und Ordnern stößt jedoch schnell an seine Grenzen, wenn Sie z. B. für eigene...

Federico and Eric talk about iOS, the Mac, and more

Club MacStories

In his most recent exclusive Club MacStories newsletter Federico Viticci chatted with me about the tech industry, the difference between Mac and iOS apps, and how DEVONtechnologies approaches the problem of the data flood. We also talked about iOS 11 productivity features, Project Marzipan, and about using iOS in light aircraft cockpits. Read the full interview with yours truly at Club MacStories (you’ll need a subscription).

Appademic gives away 5 x DEVONthink To Go

Appademic Logo

Sign up for the newsletter of Appademic before the 31st of January, 2018, and get the chance to win one of 5 copies of DEVONthink To Go, our iOS document and information manager. Jai Bentley-Payne, the man behind Appademic, has just recently reviewed DEVONthink To Go for academic use and he’s still exploring more ways to integrate both our Mac and iOS applications into his workflow. In his giveaway post he also shares some insight into the question of DEVONthink as an...

DEVONthink To Go in Macdrifter’s Top 5 of 2017

Macdrifter Logo

Gabe Weatherhead of Macdrifter lists DEVONthink To Go in his Top 5 of iOS apps of 2017: While syncing data may no longer be a problem for me, finding it can be. DEVONthink To Go (DTTG) has really solved this problem for me and it’s one of my most used apps on my iOS devices. The fast search, tagging, capture, and iCloud integration really make it indispensable to me. Thank you, Gabe! Check out his full posting here.