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Tuesday Tip: Use text expansion

If you find yourself typing the same things over and over again, there is a way to give your fingers a break. Text expansion is a method of assigning abbreviations for things like often used phrases. For example, you may create an abbreviation like em1, which could fill in your email when typed. Or you may have boilerplate text for a business, like thank yous. You could use the abbreviation tfyo that could expand to “Thanks for your order!” There are some...

Tuesday Tool Tip: Free your menubar with Bartender 2

While we rely on our big powerhouse applications like DEVONthink, there are many smaller utilities we use for specialized purposes. These may be calendars, system resource information, or extended clipboards. Simple, smart apps that provide quick and easy access to very focused needs. However, this has lead to our menubars becoming increasingly crowded. And not only these utilities are shown here, but the menubar also has to accommodate the menus of the current application. Especially on a smaller screen, like...

Tool tip: Need to move a file? Yoink it!

Yoink Icon

There are many times we need to move a file from one place to another. On Macs with larger screens, you can easily open and arrange windows to drag and drop between them. However, if you’re on a laptop or don’t have the luxury of using a second monitor, this is often not an easy task. Often we resort to using Spaces in Mission Control to give ourselves as much space per application as we can. This can make file moving...

Tuesday tip: Create links to a paragraph in a PDF

DEVONthink allows you to get a link to a selected page in a PDF document (Edit > Copy Page Link, hold ⇧Shift to show this open). Power user Chen Guo has created the open-source tool Excerptor that goes even further and  links directly to selected text. Once installed, select some text in a PDF and choose Excerptor from the Services menu. Then paste the created link wherever you like to use it, e.g. into a rich text document. See this animated GIF for how it works.

Write better copy with a free readability check

Writing copy text that’s easy to read is, well, not easy. Especially Germans like me tend to build long nested sentences. Fortunately there are simple mechanical tools like, e.g., the Automated Readability Index. It counts the sentences, words, and letters in a text and returns an estimate on how difficult it is to read. The number it spits out correlates roughly to the US grade level. To make it easier for myself to use the ARI in any context, I have wrapped it into an...

Tuesday tip: Extract highlighted text from PDFs

Highlights App icon

If you are working at lot with PDF annotations the Mac application Highlights is for you. You can use it not only to manipulate annotations but also to extract annotations from documents and send them directly to DEVONthink Pro (Office). In addition it offers plenty of more export options including sharing annotations by email and saving them as Markdown. Highlights is available in the Mac App Store. Check it out or join the discussion about it in our user forum.

Free app integrates DEVONthink, Microsoft Word, and Endnote

FlunkeyFox app icon

DEVONthink user and scientist Jim Falk has created a great little app to help him with his research work. The Mac app named FlunkeyFox facilitates using DEVONthink Pro (Office) together with Microsoft Word. Creates Microsoft-Word-compatible links to documents in DEVONthink Pro Reveals the corresponding document in DEVONthink when the link is clicked Opens Google Scholar in Safari with the title of a highlighted document in DEVONthink Pro so that the correct citation can be found Imports the citation into Endnote 7 and then into Microsoft...

Houdini hides apps you don’t use at the moment

More than two years ago I wrote about a little menulet that I really like: Spirited Away. It automatically hides applications that you haven’t used in the last minute and so keeps your desktop decluttered. Unfortunately it’s already a bit dated. Nial Giacomelli to the rescue! He has written Houdini which also hides unused apps but, despite his company name Ugly Apps, comes with a much more elegant user interface and the ability to set the individual hiding intervals for each app....

Create notes in DEVONthink with Alfred

If you are a user of the popular productivity application Alfred you might like this workflow created by our forum user danielsh. You can navigate your databases or create new notes with just a few keystrokes.  Here’s what the author says about it: With Alfred’s new feedback system for workflows, you can navigate through your databases and find the group you’re looking for, then enter a space and start typing your note. If it’s much in demand, I’ll add things like...

“Grid” is now open-source

Recently we had to pull the freeware application Grid from the App Store. Grid allows you to position windows using your keyboard and an on-screen grid. Unfortunately Apple’s strict sandboxing rules no longer allow third-party apps access to e.g. the Accessibility kit which Grid needs to move the windows. Grid’s author, Rob Rix, has now made the app open-source and published it to GitHub. Feel free to download the source code and participate in its development.