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Tuesday tip: Take reading notes from EndNote

If you so scientific research it is likely that you often take reading notes and, maybe, you are also using a bibliography manager such as EndNote. Forum user Nicolae Turcan has created a smart template to facilitate this. Install it from DEVONthink’s or DEVONnote’s Support Assistant (open it from the Help menu and follow the link at the bottom to the extras page). Thank you, Nicolae!

Tool tip: Structure your thoughts with mind mapping

What method to use for capturing thoughts is a highly subjective subject: some write outlines, some just a simple text, and some prefer mind maps. DEVONthink supports text and very simple outlines (e.g. using rich text lists), but not (yet) mind maps. Some options are: – MyThoughts – MindNode Pro – NovaMind Pro – Mindcad Incubator – Inspiration Some of these apps come either with a Quick Look plugin that allows DEVONthink to preview them when you add them to...

Tuesday tip: Use Markdown in DEVONthink

John Gruber’s Markdown is a popular way to write text in a simple text editor and have it formatted nicely. You can do this with HTML, too, but Markdown uses simple formatting marks that also look good when you view it without a Markdown renderer. If you work with Markdown in DEVONthink Brett Terpstra’s app Marked (available on the Mac App Store) make it even better: It allows to edit Markdown-styled text with a live preview. With Marked installed right-click...

Tuesday Tip: Save as PDF to DEVONthink To Go

If you are using your iPad a lot and want to save any web page to PDF and save it to DEVONthink To Go, you might want to have a look at Save2PDF. A tip from our forum user whshep: With Save2PDF, I can get most of that work done without leaving the iPad. I choose “Print” in Mobile Safari, which saves the web page as a PDF and opens it in Save2PDF. I can then rename it (if necessary),...

Ammonite updated to version 1.6

Just a quick note that Ammonite has been updated to version 1.6. The new version can replicate results to a group in DEVONthink, shows the number of results in the window title, and can keep the search string when removing tags from the query. Ammonite is a stand-alone HUD (head-up display) giving quick access to the contents of your DEVONthink databases from any other application. Note: DEVONtechnologies has no affiliation with soma-zone.  

New: Take Control of Your Paperless Office

A while ago we worked with Take Control Ebooks to bring you Take Control of Getting Started with DEVONthink 2 as an addition to our built-in documentation. We asked Joe Kissell to write the ebook as he is not only an avid DEVONthink user but also a great tech writer who knows how to explain things to non-techie people. Now Take Control Ebooks have published a new book by Joe Kissell: Take Control of Your Paperless Office. Here’s what the publishers...

Ammonite 1.5b1 adds Date Search

Just a quick note that Ammonite 1.5b1 adds searching by date, searching by file type, and the possibility to use complex queries. Ammonite is a stand-alone HUD (head-up display) giving quick access to the contents of your databases from any other application. Note: DEVONtechnologies has no affiliation with soma-zone.

Tuesday Tip: Better Focus with Spirited Away

Currently I am going to some lengths to better focus on only what is important at this very moment, and came across a very useful little freeware application: Spirited Away. Connected as we all are, a stream of email messages, IMs, tweets, and news is coming in, constantly asking for attention. We have even adapted to this with short attention spans and constant switching from one channel to the next. Spirited Away helps focusing on just the current task by automatically...

Tool Tip: Add a Tag Cloud to DEVONthink Pro

The German software manufactory Soma-Zone has recently released Ammonite, a stand-alone third-party addition to DEVONthink Pro (and Pro Office, of course) that shows a tag cloud for any open database in a floating panel. From their web site: Ammonite visualizes the tags used in a database and finds documents by including or excluding them from your search. Tags applied to many documents will appear larger then tags applied to a few documents. This helps you to drill down on the...

Update for DevonSync to Version 1.4

Wooden Brain Concept have updated their DevonSync shareware utility (US$ 11) to version 1.4. DevonSync synchronizes two copies of a DEVONthink Pro database by only copying the changes. The new version is finally compatible to Mac OS X 10.6 ‘Snow Leopard’, allows you to select which databases to sync, and includes various minor features and bug fixes. Note: As we are not its maker, we do not take responsibility for the well-functioning of this utility.