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New upgrade assistant

To make our upgrade process easier I have just activated our new Upgrade Assistant. It asks you for all information you need to upgrade and leads you through the process. This is especially useful if you received your license as part of a promotion bundle and so you need to register your license first before you can request the upgrade details. All feedback is welcome!

Our Privacy Policy

Dealing with privacy issues becomes more and more part of our daily lives the more web sites and businesses collect our personal information. We respect your privacy and handle the information you give to us with care. Please feel free to check our privacy policy directly on our web site.

Our Official Business Hours

Sometimes people are asking for our business hours. While our headquarter is in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, USA, most of us live someplace else in the world (we’re one of the world’s smallest fully globalized companies). But this Summer, when I visited our support hero Bill DeVille, we visited the Fig Tree Gallery & Coffee Shop which solves this conundrum so elegantly that we have decided to take over their official business hours. See the picture to the right.

PayPal seems to be partly broken

It seems that PayPal has some problems at the moment, so if you are trying to order via PayPal and it doesn’t work for you, please have a look at this article.

Eric, live on Inside Mac Radio

Scott Sheppard of Inside Mac Radio did a telephone interview with me last week for their weekly podcast and published it last Saturday. If you’re interested to hear me struggling with the attempt to summarize our product line in ten minutes — and in English! — click here to subscribe to it with iTunes. You can find the interview with me in the episode of April 12th, 2008, starting at 19 min 10 secs.

WordPress Crash

When I moderated a new comment this morning, WordPress or mySQL completely garbled the blog database. I had to go back to a back from two weeks ago, but we lost the forthcoming Tuesday Tips that I had already written as well as all comments made by you in the last two weeks. So, we’re not censoring, we’ve just become a victim of technology 🙁