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Tuesday Tip: Make a sophisticated tickler file with scripts

Many people who are using David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology are also using a “tickler file”. It consists of 43 folders, one for each month of the year and 31 for the days of the month, in which you keep documents that become relevant at a certain time. DEVONthink Pro already comes with some basic smart templates for this. Forum user Sampsa went a lot further and created a whole series of scripts that create the necessary group structure and even...

Tuesday Tip: Use DEVONthink as a tickler file

Many DEVONthink users are also Getting Things Done (GTD) enthusiasts — maybe because productive people always choose the most powerful tools for staying highly productive? And GTD users often also use a so-called ‘tickler file’, a group with sub-groups for each month, again containing sub-groups for each day: The idea is to use these group to file (or replicate) documents that are needed on a specific day. When the task it not done you simply move the items to a...

Tuesday Tip: Make your own tickler file

Getting Things Done (GTD) is maybe the most widely used task and time management system at the moment. While many people are using specialized software such as Things or OmniFocus, some are also using DEVONthink. Our power-user ‘Sampsa’ has developed a number of scripts that help manage a tickler file system in DEVONthink. Read more about it in our user forum. Thank you, Sampsa!