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Five things you could want for Christmas

It’s time to get ready for Santa Claus and there is so many “stuff” out there that people think we should buy. Personally I have no affection to consumption binge, but Christmas time is also a season where we have some more time to devote to the things we wanted to do all the rest of the year — including, maybe, updating our software library, organizing our workspace, and reading books. Here are five suggestions what you could put onto...

Happy Thanksgiving!

In Europe and the US it’s an old tradition to celebrate Thanksgiving, here in October, there at the end of November. But the reason for celebrating is all the same: To say ‘thank you’ for this year’s crop. So, wherever you are in the world, we wish you and your family Happy Thanksgiving and all the best wishes for the upcoming festive season. And following a tradition that is a nearly as old, we’re offering you an exclusive discount of...

Happy Halloween!

If you happen to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve in your place in the world, we all wish you a happy and scary Halloween! PS: If it’s a bit quiet here on the blog — we’re all busy to get DEVONthink 2.0 ready for beta 🙂