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Tuesday Tip: More scripts for Evernote

Besides our own import script that allows you to transfer text files from Evernote to DEVONthink, power user Justin has written a pair of more advanced scripts for moving data between the two applications. Instead of transferring plain text Justin uses Evernote’s HTML export to get your docoument including layout out of Evernote and put it into your DEVONthink database as a web archive. For the other way round he uses a similar approach. Click here to download his cool...

Tuesday Tip: Save directly to DEVONthink

Starting with public beta 5, DEVONthink offers the possibility to save any file from any application directly to the global inbox. No more saving to the Desktop and importing later. First make sure that this function is enabled. Choose Help > Install Add-Ons, check ‘Global Inbox in Save Dialogs’ and click ‘Install’. This inserts a shortcut to the global inbox into the Finder’s sidebar. To save a document to DEVONthink now, look for the ‘Inbox’ item in the sidebar of...

Thursday Tip: Integrate with OmniFocus

While I spend the last two days rewriting the DEVONthink Dashboard widget (including adding a resize corner and the option to change the font), you, our great users, write the really cool stuff. DEVONthink Pro power user and forum member houthakker has created a number of scripts that integrate DEVONthink Pro with OmniFocus. OmniFocus is a task management based on David Allen’s Getting Things Done philosophy.¬†You can already drag any document out of DEVONthink into a task’s comment area in...

DEVONthink 2.0 spotlight: New supported file formats

While our beta testers are dissecting the current beta 2, I’d like to share some more information about the upcoming new version. This week: The new file formats that you can work with in DEVONthink 2.0. DEVONthink 2.0 uses the QuickLook system introduced with Mac OS X 10.5 ‘Leopard’ to display all files for which either a QuickLook plug-in or embedded QuickLook meta data is available. This includes Pages, Numbers, and Keynote files, Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents, Skim files,...

Tuesday Tip: Archive feeds from NetNewsWire

If you’re reading your news not in Mac OS X 10.5’s but in NetNewsWire, you may also already use the scripts that we provide with DEVONthink Pro to import selected or flagged news. Power user Dan Byler has extended these scripts so that they save selected feeds or folders of feeds as web archives with a number of options. Read more about the script on Dan’s homepage and download it there. Thank you, Dan!

Tuesday Tip: Some useful scripts

I have just posted a couple of new scripts for DEVONthink Pro that can help capture data from Safari and other applications in case that the on-board functionality of DEVONthink Pro is not enough for you. The scripts capture web pages from Safari as screen shots (using Paparazzi), save bookmarks in both DEVONthink Pro and simultaneously, and add formatted text from Safari and other applications to a database. Thanks to Manuela Hoffmann and Patrick Mosby for these useful scripts!...

Tuesday Tip: Integrate with Bookends

With the newest version of

Tuesday Tip: Shortcuts for Safari Bookmarks

If you are using the scripts for saving a web page from Safari to DEVONthink Pro a lot, you will like this tip: the little Safari plugin SafariScript lets you add a keyboard shortcut to any Safari script. Store a web archive of an interesting page to DEVONthink with a single keystore, add a rich text note, or only the URL. Thanks to out user “sgmiller” in the online forum.