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Wanted: CouchBase/AWS Developer

Welcome to DEVONtechnologies!

You’re a proficient PHP developer, fluent in CouchBase, and you know how to build rock-solid and secure server applications based on Amazon Web Services? You’re looking for project-based work? If so, we’d like to hear from you as we’re looking for a four to eight month project involving PHP, CouchBase, and AWS. Click here to learn more about this job offering and working for and with us in general.

Wanted: Customer Support Specialist

Welcome to DEVONtechnologies!

Do you use our products on a daily basis and do you know them well enough to explain them to other people or assist them with their questions? Do you have the ability to find out what someone wants to express even if he describes it in an unusual way and using uncommon words? Can you find solutions to common problems with computer software and explain the solution in easy-to-understand language step-by-step? Are you proficient in using online forums and...

We’re Hiring

We are expanding again and are looking for developers who are looking for a great home-office based job in the greatest industry of all: Mac and iOS software. Click here or the hiring board below to learn more.

DEVONtechnologies is Hiring!

DEVONthink and DEVONagent are not our only applications we are working on. There is so much going on behind the scene, from iPhone and iPad apps to MobileMe-based synchronization and more (still) undisclosed developments. So the time has come to extend our team and go hiring. If you are a Mac or iPhone/iPad (iOS) developer (or know one) looking to join a small, sympathetic team (means: us) where you can work from your home office on individual projects and high-end...