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Telecommuting, the DEVONtech lifestyle

By Jim Neumann. Jim is customer support specialist at DEVONtechnologies and works from home in┬áMichigan, USA, or any other place he likes. Your alarm clock didn’t go off, your hot shower was lukewarm, traffic was backed up, you spilled coffee when that red coupe cut in front of you, and the boss was eyeing his watch as you limped in to your cubicle. This is a typical morning for a commuter. But there’s an alternative. According to current research, in...

DEVONtech On the Go

One of the advantages of an Internet-based software business is that we’re not as strongly tied to our offices than other people. And so we like to use our freedom to work in other places that we like, that have some advantages that very day (e.g. save us from driving a second round-trip to pick up our children), or that just have better coffee. Want to see how we’re working? See two current ‘office’ shots.