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Our software in blogs and podcasts

Evan Kline

In the last few weeks our software was mentioned in blogs and podcasts a few times. Whether you’re reading German, are a lawyer, or you’re just interested in all things iOS you might find these interesting: Evan Kline is a lawyer and a heavy user of DEVONthink and DEVONthink To Go. He talks about how he uses our software in his law practice on the App in Law podcast. Evan also represented the Galactic Empire in the case against Han...

Mac Geek Gab mentions DEVONthink and other needful things

MacGeekGab Logo

Our friends at MacObserver mentioned DEVONthink, EasyFind, and more again in their excellent Mac Geek Gab podcast, episode 679: Quick Tips, Cool Stuff Found, High Sierra, and KRACK are the topics today, but that means you’re in for a real treat. The goal is for everyone to learn at least four (4!) new things, but today you’re guaranteed to learn a whole lot more. DEVONthink is mentioned around minute 41, our freeware at 43’30”. CLICK HERE to listen to the...

Stuart Ingram on Mac Power Users (and more)

Mac Power Users Podcast

David Sparks and Katie Floyd invited Stuart Ingram to their popular Mac Power Users podcast and discuss his approach to DEVONthink. You know Stuart from his excellent series A User’s Journey into DEVONthink here in this blog. Stuart adresses David’s concerns about ‘everything buckets’ and lays out how he uses DEVONthink Pro Office and why. It’s just 80 minutes and you won’t want to miss it. Click here to listen to Mac Power Users episode 356 yourself. In addition here...

EasyFind and more in Mac Geek Gab episode 549

Mac Geek Gab

In episode 549 of their podcast Mac Geek Gab John F. Braun and Dave Hamilton pull out their favorite utilities and services and present them to you in a compact 1 hour 19 minute podcast. Ideal for your drive home in pre-weekend traffic. Around minute 7:31 they also mention our free find-file utility EasyFind. It’s time for Cool Stuff Found. Your two favorite geeks do their level best to sift through everything they’ve found and everything you’ve submitted, pulling out their...

Mac Power Users episode 251

Mac Power Users Podcast

In their excellent podcast Mac Power Users, Katie Floyd and David Sparks talk about everything that helps you to become a true Mac power user. In episode 251 they are joined by Gabe Weatherhead to spend an information-packed hour purely on DEVONthink. Gabe is a long-time DEVONthink user and has also done a great a series of blog posts on our software. Thank you all three for this great show! If you’re not yet a Mac Power Users subscriber it’s definitely time to become one. Click here to visit their website where you’ll also...

Brett Terpstra and Joel Anderson talk about tagging

Joel Anderson

In episode 128 of Brett Terpstra’s podcast Systematic, Joel Anderson, research lecturer in Philosophy at Utrecht in the Netherlands, joins Brett to talk about tagging: It’s a nerdy subject that a lot of non-nerds are asking about these days, and one that I personally find fascinating. I hope you’ll enjoy hearing two people who’ve dedicated time and research to the topic debate the major benefits and pitfalls of tag-based systems!” Of course, Joel uses DEVONthink to do his research. Listen to Brett’s...

Podcast tip: Mac Power Users episode 169

David Sparks andKatie Floyd of 5by5’s Mac Power Users podcast talk about tools and workflows for professionals in episode 169 and also mention DEVONthink. David and Katie talk to Dr. Jeffery Taekman, a physician, researcher and educator at Duke. Jeff takes us through his various workflows for getting work done in his profession including using his iPad in his medical practice. Click here to listen to episode 169 (DEVONthink mentioned around 47 minutes).

Jim Neumann talks about DEVONthink on 70Decibels

Gabe and Erik of the 70Decibels Generational podcast interviewed our support hero Jim Neumann: This week Gabe and Erik wrap up their series on data management with Jim Neumann of DEVONtechnologies. They discuss tag vs. hierarchy filing methods, the DEVONthink AI, sync, security, capture and scripting. Then they venture off topic to explore mobile battery life and try to figure out when we have “enough”. Subscribe to the Generational podcast in iTunes or download to the episode directly from the 70Decibels...

DEVONthink on the Web

Much as been written about DEVONthink in the last few weeks after our 2.0 release. If you’d like to listen to great podcasts dealing with our flagship document and information manager, make sure to listen to these: MacReviewCast Episode 241 DebuterSurMac: DEVONthink Pro DEVONthink wird erwachsen In this episode of MacReviewCast (starting at minute 41) Matthew Hillyer of The Stealth Mac talks about DEVONthink and on DebuterSurMac (in French language) Jennifer demos our software and shows some of the most...

Eric, live on Inside Mac Radio

Scott Sheppard of Inside Mac Radio did a telephone interview with me last week for their weekly podcast and published it last Saturday. If you’re interested to hear me struggling with the attempt to summarize our product line in ten minutes — and in English! — click here to subscribe to it with iTunes. You can find the interview with me in the episode of April 12th, 2008, starting at 19 min 10 secs.