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DEVONthink on the Web

Much as been written about DEVONthink in the last few weeks after our 2.0 release. If you’d like to listen to great podcasts dealing with our flagship document and information manager, make sure to listen to these: MacReviewCast Episode 241 DebuterSurMac: DEVONthink Pro DEVONthink wird erwachsen In this episode of MacReviewCast (starting at minute 41) Matthew Hillyer of The Stealth Mac talks about DEVONthink and on DebuterSurMac (in French language) Jennifer demos our software and shows some of the most...

Dvorak endorses Mac and DEVONthink

Technology writer and columnist John C. Dvorak — not really known for supporting the Mac or Apple overwhelmingly — mentioned DEVONthink in his latest column “My Son Bought a Mac” in PC Magazine: […] was a smart move, since he was following the advice of pundits, technology writers, and everyone who ever gave advice about what to buy and why: “Buy solutions, not hardware.” In his case, the solution was a stunning piece of software called DEVONthink, which he needs for...

Steven Johnson writes about DEVONthink again

Steven Berlin Johnson is an avid advocate for DEVONthink. In another recent article in the Prospect magazine he wrote about copy-and-paste writing and using software as part of the creative process: The software [DEVONthink] also acts as a kind of connection machine, helping to supplement your own memory. The results have a certain chaotic brilliance. In my last book, for instance, while researching Joseph Priestley’s experiments with oxygen, Devonthink reminded me of a wonderful passage from Lynn Margulis’s book, Microcosmos,...

DEVONthink vs. Evernote

Matthew Bookspan of TheAppleBlog has just published a comparison between DEVONthink Pro Office and Evernote Premium. Matthew did a great job working out the differences between the offerings and comes to this conclusion: I decided to part ways with Evernote and move forward with DEVONthink Pro Office, because I wanted more control of my data and the artificial intelligence features were very attractive to me. Thank you, Matthew! Read the full article here.

IT Enquirer about DEVONthink

Erik Vlietinck of IT Enquirer has recently reviewed DEVONthink Pro Office and nominated it as an Editor’s Pick. In fact, DEVONthink Pro Office lets you do things to your data no other information manager has support for, resulting in you finding information you didn’t know was there in the first place. Isn’t that what information managers were designed for in the first place? Read the full review on the IT Enquirer web site.

DEVONthink #1 in MacUp Review

DEVONthink Pro Office has been nominated as the winner of a comparison of popular notetaking and data collection applications in MACup, issue October 2008. … the possibility to import images and analyse them so that the contained text becomes searchable is handy and unique among the reviewed applications. … You can find issue 10/2008 of MACup magazine at your kiosk this month where the other German language IT titles are.

Web Tip: DEVONthink Pro Office for Therapists

In a great article Dr. Greg Mulhauser of Counselling Resource reviews DEVONthink Pro Office and its use in a therapist’s practice. Dr. Mulhauser explains what DEVONthink is, who needs it, and how a therapist can use it for his work. Read his excellent review here. In addition you can find a portrait of Dr. Hagen Böser, a German psychotherapist, who also uses DEVONthink Pro extensively in his practice, in the DEVONacademy.