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Tuesday Tip: Help our support with screencaptures


When sending in support tickets, it is often very useful to attach screencaptures for us to look at. Sometimes the words you use aren’t the words we’d use and the real issue can be unclear. A screencapture is indeed worth 1,000 words, in many cases. To make a full-screen screenshot on macOS press Command-Shift-3. On iOS press the Lock and Home buttons simultaneously; on the iPhone X hold the side button, then press the Volume Up button. To capture a screen...

Welcome, Jim!

DEVONtechnologies' new customer support hero

Only four weeks ago we began looking for a customer relations and support specialist to join our support hero, Bill DeVille. We hadn’t have to look for too long: Jim Neumann is the new face here at DEVONtechnologies. He officially starts working for us next Monday but because he just loves helping people he enthusiastically jumped into the cold water right away — which means in this case: our user forum. You meet Jim there, when you write to support, as...

Wanted: Customer Support Specialist

Welcome to DEVONtechnologies!

Do you use our products on a daily basis and do you know them well enough to explain them to other people or assist them with their questions? Do you have the ability to find out what someone wants to express even if he describes it in an unusual way and using uncommon words? Can you find solutions to common problems with computer software and explain the solution in easy-to-understand language step-by-step? Are you proficient in using online forums and...